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Continuing Education Units

Most of Healwell's courses are approved by NCBTMB and registered with FSMTB for continuing education units for massage therapists.

Many of our courses also offer CE hours for other healthcare professionals. If you have questions about CE units for a particular class or profession, please email us at [email protected].

A note about our pricing...

Our world is far from equitable. At Healwell, we are continually working to make those inequities visible and to change them. 

One of the ways we do this is by inviting people who engage with our many of our programs to thoughtfully consider what they can and want to invest in the current and future state of our world and community. 

We create content to elevate human experience and the massage therapy profession. We want that to be available to all humans and all massage therapists.

When you make the decision to benefit from content created by Healwell, we invite you to consider it as an investment. We have invested in its creation and you are investing not only in your own growth and career, but also in the growth and career of others. 

When you choose which level you’d like to pay, let it be an exploration of how you want to participate in the future.

What can you afford to pay today? What is it worth to you to ensure that others can have this same experience you’re about to have while continuing to be able to meet their basic financial commitments? Can you offer a little more and invest in our collective future? Or is today a day when your heart wants to do that, but your wallet can’t? 

Every day is different and every person is different. Be thoughtful. Think beyond yourself and choose a level that’s congruent with your financial life and your deepest values. We’ll all get there. 


Healwell's programs are supported in part by generous people like you. Donate today and choose love, compassion, and evidence-based care that acknowledges that humans are important.