Course curriculum

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    • About the Instructors

    • Course Description

    • A brief word . . .

  • 2


    • What is radiation therapy?

  • 3

    External Beam Radiation

    • External beam radiation

    • How is external beam radiation delivered?

    • The CT Simulation Session: What You Need to Know

    • Radiation mask

    • Types of external beam radiation

    • The course of treatment

  • 4

    Internal Radiation Therapy

    • Internal Radiation Therapy

    • The High-Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy Procedure to Treat Cancer

    • Systemic Internal Radiation

  • 5

    Side Effects

    • Short term, long term, and late effects

    • Bone fragility and fibrosis

    • Lymphedema and cording

  • 6

    Massage Considerations

    • Side effects and massage considerations

    • Client scenarios

    • Now It's Your Turn: Massage Considerations

    • One more thing...

    • In closing...

  • 7

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz

  • 8


    • Recommended Reading

    • Making Your Mask for Proton Therapy


Instructor & Education Coordinator

Rebecca Sturgeon

In addition to being a valuable member of Healwell’s faculty and curriculum development team, Rebecca is also Healwell’s Education Coordinator. She works tirelessly to organize existing courses and to create new opportunities for Healwell to offer meaningful and robust inter-professional education for massage therapists and other healthcare providers. Rebecca maintains a private practice in Louisville, Kentucky and works as part time faculty in general massage therapy programs there. As a former teacher of writing at the college level, Rebecca is passionate about the written word and about all forms of human communication. In her massage practice, she focuses on integrating therapeutic massage as part of overall health and wellness care. She is an active volunteer for Hosparus Healthand Gilda’s Club of Louisville, and a member of the Society for Oncology Massage.

Instructor & Service Director

Laura Bryant-Earner

Laura is Healwell's Service Director and a member of the curriculum development team. Before becoming a licensed massage therapist, Laura taught English in Japan for 19 years. Upon returning to America, she graduated from massage school in the spring of 2018. It was in school that she heard of something called “oncology massage” and felt drawn to it. Passionate about learning, Laura has continued her advanced training in the fields of oncology massage, scar tissue manipulation and manual lymph drainage. She has provided massage in a variety of settings including corporate, private practice and spas. Because of her own massage experiences, Laura appreciates how massage can play a supportive role in health care and the journey that is being human.