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    • About the instructor

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    • Part 1

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    • Part 2

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    • Part 3

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    Writing Exercises

    • Writing Exercises for Planning for the Unexpected

    • How do you plan for the unexpected?

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    Final Quiz

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Guest Instructor

Annie LaCroix

Annie is a professional speaker, podcaster, and business strategist. For over a decade, Annie has inspired leaders, students, and small businesses to reach their full potential. Promoting system implementation, time management and a habit of discipline, Annie teaches actionable advice for forward momentum. Annie is the owner and founder of Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy located in Wenatchee, Washington. She has been a massage therapist for 15 years. During her career, she has volunteered with AMTA as Washington State President. She also served on the Government Relations Committee. In addition to her role as a school owner and educator, she is the owner of a business consulting agency focusing on time management and systems development. Annie holds a Master’s of Science in Functional Medicine. In her spare time, Annie and her husband enjoy traveling and good food.