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Approved by NCBTMB for 1 CEU for massage therapists.

*Please note: In order to be eligible for CE credit, you must register with your full name (as it appears on your professional license) and your license state and number.

Course Description

Learn about some of the most common pediatric cardio-pulmonary pathologies treated in a hospital setting.

About the series...

As every parent knows, children are not adults in tiny bodies. Their development, needs, and care are different. This is especially true in medical care. Diseases (like cancer) may have similar names for adults and children, but the presentation, treatment, and prognosis can be very different. In a series of six webinars, Healwell teams up with experts in pediatric care to bring you in depth information on pediatric pathologies. If you want to be part of the team working with children in a clinical setting, this knowledge is essential. If you are curious, but unsure, these webinars will give you an informed introduction.

You can take one, two, or all six online courses.

Note: Completion of all six courses is required for acceptance into our live Pediatric Massage in the Clinical Setting course.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Course Description

    • About the Instructor

    • A brief word . . .

  • 2

    Section One

    • Intro to Pediatric Cardio-Pulmonary Conditions - Part One

  • 3

    Section Two

    • Intro to Pediatric Cardio-Pulmonary Conditions - Part Two

  • 4

    Section Three

    • How does asthma work? - Christopher E. Gaw (TED-Ed)

    • What makes tuberculosis (TB) the world's most infectious killer? - Melvin Sanicas (TED-Ed)

    • Want to continue the conversation?

  • 5

    Writing Assignment

    • Writing Assignment

  • 6


    • Visible Body | A 3D Virtual Tour of the Lungs

    • Claire Wineland Sings During Vest Treatment

    • What happens during an asthma attack?

  • 7

    Final Quiz

    • Final Quiz


Instructor & Education Director

Rebecca Sturgeon

In addition to being a valuable member of Healwell’s faculty and curriculum development team, Rebecca is also Healwell’s Education Director. She works tirelessly to organize existing courses and to create new opportunities for Healwell to offer meaningful and robust inter-professional education for massage therapists and other health care providers. Rebecca co-authored "Oncology Massage: An integrative approach to cancer care" (Handspring, 2021.) As a former teacher of writing at the college level, Rebecca is passionate about the written word and about all forms of human communication. In her massage practice, she focuses on integrating therapeutic massage as part of overall health and wellness care. She is also an experienced mentor to new massage therapists, and facilitator of learning groups.

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