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    2. About the Instructor

    1. There are nerves in fascia?

    2. Nerves, knowledge and theratube - With David Butler

    3. Get your foot off the hose

    4. Harnessing mechanoreceptors

    5. Tenting and tugging

    6. Intrafascial Receptors - Part One

    7. Intrafascial Receptors - Part Two

    8. Intrafascial Receptors - Part Three

    1. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Pumps

    2. Interstitium and friends

    3. In closing...

    1. Cathy's book!

    2. Contractile Physiology of Lymphatics - David C. Zawieja, Ph.D.

    3. References

    1. Final Quiz

About this course

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Guest Instructor Cathy Ryan

Catherine Ryan is a CMTBC Reg. Massage Therapist dedicated to patient-centered care, evidence informed practices and life-long learning. Over her 30+ year career, Cathy has engaged in the profession in a variety of clinical, educational and leadership capacities. An established continuing education instructor and writer, Cathy has presented at conferences internationally (including the International Fascia Research Congress), in the areas of scar tissue management and myofascial pain and dysfunction, which also constitute her clinical practice focus. As writer (and self-proclaimed science-nerd), Cathy is best known for her fascia enthusiasm – she has written numerous articles featured in various industry publications, co-authored Traumatic Scar Tissue Management – Massage Therapy Principles, Practice and Protocols (Handspring 2016) and contributed to: Fascia, Function and Medical Applications (Ch. 18), CRC Press/Taylor & Francis (2020) and Oncology Massage: An integrative approach to cancer care for manual therapists (Handspring 2020).

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